Results from last week: Reviewing

Our young creative Elena, from Ilford Ursuline school, has written a fantastic review for A Midsummer Night's Dream:

A Midsummer’s Night Dream is (without a doubt) one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, having been performed countless times and translated into just as many languages- and this, coupled with last year’s stunning performance, gave the Playing Shakespeare cast a lot to live up to.

In a quick summary, the play centers around four young Athenians who find themselves within a love-square. Unknown to them, Oberon, the king of the fairies, has had an argument with his counterpart (the queen) and has his mischievous servant Puck flying round the forest with a powerful love potion. As well as these two groups of colliding characters, we have the mechanicals, who are trying to rehearse a play that is to celebrate the marriage of the Duke of Athens and his bride- and, naturally, these comic characters also become involved in the mayhem.

The first (obvious) thing to comment on is the fantastic acting performed- each actor/actress played their part superbly, bringing their character (or multiple in most cases) to life and each making Shakespeare (that can be a little dull) very amusing. Not only the actors did the play justice- as ever, the costumes and set design were a powerful mixture of modern and old, creating a memorable and unexpected effect. The set was surprisingly simple, though the space on and around the stage was used perfectly and interactively. Props, too, were used at the right moments- and the modern assets (such as the iphone) definitely gave the young audience some humour! The costume designs were mind-blowing- the themes for characters were well thought out and planned, each giving an inside glance to the characters’ personality… almost as if the actors were wearing their characters...

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