Brief for this week: Costume Design

Our costume designer Isla Shaw has been asked to design the costumes for A Midsummer Night's Dream. To do this she has used the costume brief given to her by our production team. Why not have a go at following the brief and designing your own costume? To help you out, here are Isla's 5 top tips for designing a costume:

1. Consider how the actor will move in your costume and whether they can be active in it or not.

2. You need to consider the character you are designing for and think about their age, gender, background, shape, height etc. This includes thinking about how characters relate to each other, so think of them in the context of the rest of the company.

3. Remember the details of your character, as this will tell you how they might use their costume. For instance: is their hair up or down? What kind of shoes do they wear?

4. Try to make sure your drawing is really clear so that someone could actually make it. To help with this you should include notes describing what materials you will use and any other details.

5. You need to think about the time period you are setting the play in as this will also help you with the period of your costume. The audience will often get a better understanding of time period through costume than through set.

Now download the Poster Brief and Poster Template PDFs. Once you are done email your creations to to us at and we may select it to feature on the site.