Week by Week: Week 7

Welcome to Week 7 of Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank!

This week you can see photos taken from one of the live performances of A Midsummer Night's Dream. You can also see an exculsive video interview with the director of the show Bill Buckhurst.

Also, take a look at our final 'brief for this week': how to review a play. If you have already seen our production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, or you are planning to attend, why not have a go at reviewing the play!

[Photos by Ellie Kurttz]

Photo Gallery

Brief for this week

A creative brief is given to each member of the creative team working on the project. It is intended to help them structure their ideas and keep a focus on the director's intended vision for the production.

Why not be creative yourself and write your own review for the production using our real reviewing brief...

Backstage Blog

Monday 5th March 3.50pm

We are already into our second week of performances now. The audiences seem to be enjoying the play. The actors are using their bodies very imaginatively and this helps them tell the story precisely and playfully. The production contains some dramatic moments, including characters entering from the top of the theatre and characters disappearing into thin air! These moments bring out spontaneous eruptions of noise from our audience. Other favourite moments are when the colourful fairies come on and, of course, the fight between the lovers!

The performance ends with a dance, or a ‘jig’ as it is known at the Globe. This is one of Shakespeare’s Globe’s many traditions. There is always a ‘jig’ after a performance, and this one is full of energy!

From The Rehearsal Room


Monday 5th March 5.15pm

After the show the actors sat down backstage in the Green Room. They were tired but seemed happy with the way today’s show went. There is a feeling that the show will continue to improve after every show. Bill, the director, gave out his notes to the technical team and then he took the actors off to give them their notes. Another show over but still plenty more to come!

From The Rehearsal Room