Week by Week: Week 6

Welcome to Week 6 of Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank!

This week you can see exclusive photos from the last days of rehearsals for A Midsummer Night's Dream - take a look below.

Also, we have the results from last week's costume brief. Have a look at some of our favourite entries, as well as some of the real costume designs from Isla Shaw.

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Results from last week

A creative brief is given to each member of the creative team working on the project. It is intended to help them structure their ideas and keep a focus on the director's intended vision for the production.

Check out the results from last week's costume brief...

Backstage Blog

Monday 27th February 11.20am

The time has finally come...A Midsummer Night's Dream is open to schools today!!!

From The Digital Team

Tuesday 28th February 12.30pm

Now that the show has started its performances it still needs plenty of tweaking. The actors are given notes after their first school’s performance. It went well but there are still things to adjust and improve on. Quite a lot of the morning consisted of working through music cues. The band underscores much of the action in the play, yet it takes a lot of focus and precision to keep it all together. For example, the part where Oberon (Chook) magically strikes Puck (Fergal) from across the stage is accompanied by a crash of a cymbal and so we needed to practice this a few times in order to make it really precise.

From The Rehearsal Room


Thursday 1st March 4.15pm

Before the show started today, the actors were given the stage in order to warm up. Some just worked backstage, but Richard, Fergal, Emma and Peter used the stage to do vocal and physical exercises. Each actor has their own approach to warming up. The groups of school children then began to swarm in and were greeted by the acting company who were already onstage. They were talking to the audience and playing music. The audience were therefore made to feel hugely involved throughout, and enjoyed vocalising their opinions and natural reactions during the performance. During a scene with Bottom and the mechanicals, one lucky audience member even got dragged onto stage to play ‘The Wall’!

From The Rehearsal Room