Week by Week: Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank!

This week you can watch another interview with Isla Shaw. This time she is talking about designing costumes for the production. We asked Isla how she first started designing costumes for the theatre and about where she gets ideas from for her designs - take a look below.

Also check out photos taken from Isla's studio and from the costume store at the Globe.

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Brief for this week

A creative brief is given to each member of the creative team working on the project. It is intended to help them structure their ideas and keep a focus on the director's intended vision for the production.

Why not be creative yourself and design your own costume for the production using our real costume brief...

Backstage Blog

Monday 20th February 12.05pm

We are now in tech week, where the actors and technical crew are working together to get the show ready for an audience. This means there is only one more week to go until show time!

From The Digital Team

Monday 20th February 2.35pm

We have been working really hard all day and couldn’t wait to get started again after lunch. We have just been rehearsing the lovers in the wood, and Fergal (Puck) is playing with their minds using all of his trickery. The scene is done as if he is invisible to the characters on stage. This means the audience can see him but Lysander and Demetrius stumble around in the dark as he confuses them, trips them up and whispers to them. Puck's behaviour at times seems quite cruel. In fact although he is called ‘the merry wanderer of the night’, Puck is capable of a huge amount of mischief and nastiness. Fergal’s understated approach makes his behaviour in the scene seem more callous and calculating. It is a sequence that reminds me that the Dream is also, at times, a nightmare.

From The Rehearsal Room

Wednesday 22nd February 5.34pm

Today the full acting company was called for the last hour of the day as they worked through Act 4 Scene 1. In this scene Bottom enters with his new lover, Titania. They exchange gooey small talk while the fairy Moth (William) accompanies the scene with a soundtrack played on spoons! It is utterly absurd stuff, but performed with charm and sincerity by Russell and Emma. It was a long day and we have to carry on this scene tomorrow!

From The Rehearsal Room


Thursday 23rd February 12.30pm

This morning we carried on where we left off last night. Oberon, played by Joplin, enters the scene and brings Titania out of her sleep and back to her senses. Her forgiveness of her Fairy King’s trickery is implied by the text and by the way the performance is given. This forgiveness brings harmony back to the forest and the chaos melts away with the dawn. In a conversation with the cast and director Joplin discussed Oberon’s motivation at the end of the play. He then tried out different ways of approaching Titania after she realises the trick that has been played on her. First he tried playing the scene with remorse, and then he tried it with defiance. It is a tricky moment, and I’m sure his interpretation will continue to change as rehearsals progress. When rehearsing a play the actors don’t need to make decisions straight away. Even though the performance is getting closer there is still plenty of time to experiment, especially in these vital moments.

From The Rehearsal Room