Week by Week: Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank!

Join us on our Week by Week journey as we follow the cast and the creatives of A Midsummer Night's Dream through rehearsal and into performance.

This week you can watch an interview with Adrian and Martin from Premm Design; the marketing designers for this production. We asked them about their job as designers and how they have enjoyed working on this project  - take a look below.

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Brief for this week

A creative brief is given to each member of the creative team working on the project. It is intended to help them structure their ideas and keep a focus on the director's intended vision for the production.

Why not be creative yourself and design your own poster for the production using our real marketing brief...

Backstage Blog

Monday 23rd January, 10.02am

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From The Digital Team

Tuesday 24th January, 12.24pm

Invites are out, schools are all booked, the play is cast; it’s the first week of rehearsals!

We began the week with a ‘Meet & Greet’ which was an opportunity to welcome all the actors and to introduce all the people who will be involved in the project. We then did a first read through of the play so that the actors could get a feel for their parts. Bill, the director, has made many cuts to the script in order to make the running time shorter and you can see some of this edit in the Language section. Interestingly, many of the actors have been doubled, or should I say tripled, in the play. So, for example, the actors playing the parts of the lovers - Lysander, Demetrius, Hermia and Helena – play  a fairy and a mechanical too! They will therefore need to work hard on their characterisation and, of course, on their quick costume changes!

From The Rehearsal Room

Tuesday 24th January, 2.20pm

This week we have met some of our Young Creatives from Ilford Ursuline High School and Robert Clack School who will be helping us with the content for the website.  Our Project Manager and Coordinator, Dave and Katherine, visited the schools and set them the tasks of coming up with interview questions for the director and the designer. They also asked them to have a go at creating posters for the play – you can create your own poster using our 'Brief for this week'.

From The Digital Team

Wednesday 25th January, 2.26pm

While the cast have been busy kicking off rehearsals, the production team have been working on tasks such as marking out a pretend stage and finding a very eclectic mix of props, such as, a dogs on wheels, a ghetto blasters, a small yellow tent, and bags full of thousands of leaves! It's a fun task sorting through the props department or searching elsewhere for things, and very satisfying when you finally find them. We have also been talking about how the stage is going to look and how the more exciting aspects of the performance are going to work - but we’re not spoiling anything, you'll have to wait and see!

From The Production Team