Dear Agony Aunt

Dear Agony Aunt, I am in love with my girlfriend and really want to get married but her father doesn’t like me. He would rather his daughter married this other guy and so he has forbidden us from seeing each other. Should I fight for her hand or should I just accept her father’s decision? Lysander x


  1. Fight for her, you have the strength to do so. Don't give up! (by Anon.)

  2. let her go there is an ancient saying. If you love something let it be free and if it loves you then it will come back. (by Anon.)

  3. If you really love her and you want to marry her then fight for your love go to her father's knees and beg for your love then if he says no still then don't take no for an answer keep begging until he gives up and lets you marry her so you and Hermia can live happily ever after. (by Anon.)

  4. If you really love her stand up to her father tell him what she means to you and don't take no for an answer no matter what keep fighting for your love and hopefully in the end her father might let you marry her (by Akif)

  5. if you truely love then you should fight for her because she loves you too, not Demetrius (from Jade)

  6. I think you should fight for her love, and live happily ever after x
    (by Shazmin).

  7. you should fight for her hand! (by Anon.)

  8. As important as fighting for love is, she probably won't be very happy unless she has her father's blessing. Why "fight" for her? Negotiating or persuasion can work just as well. (by Anon.)

  9. Fight 4 Her
    True love will take its course (by Anon.)

  10. i think you should fight for her (by melissa ) (:

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The course of true love never did run smooth.


Relationship Status:

Loves Hermia, then Helena, then Hermia


I am Lysander, an Athenian man who is in love with Hermia. However, I have a rival in this love, Demetrius, who is the favoured match of Hermia’s father, Egeus. Egeus complains about me and the bad influence I have on his daughter but, determined to keep my love, I ask Hermia to elope into the forest with me. I am a passionate man and I am therefore unreserved in my affections towards Hermia but, when I awake from my sleep, I fall passionately in love with another woman, Helena. I now loathe the sight of Hermia and fight with my rival Demetrius over the love of Helena rather than Hermia. Fortunately, at the end of the play, I fall back in love with my true love Hermia.



Being rebellious & forbidden love



Helena & Hermia

Also Called:

  • ‘Scornful Lysander’ (Egeus. 1.1.95)
  • ‘good Lysander’ (Hermia. 1.1.168)
  • ‘gentle friend’ (Hermia. 2.2.55)

O wall, O sweet, O lovely wall

  1. (2.2.52-54) Lysander riddles very prettily. / Now much beshrew my manners and my pride, / If Hermia meant to say Lysander lied!

  2. (2.2.128-29) Good troth, you do me wrong, good sooth, you do, / In such disdainful manner me to woo.

  3. (3.2.267-68) I would I had your bond, for I perceive / A weak bond holds you; I’ll not trust your word.

  4. (3.2.330-35) You are too officious / In her behalf that scorns your services. / Let her alone; speak not of Helena; / Take her part; for if thou dost intend / Never so little show of love to her, / Thou shalt aby it.


  1. Clip 1

    Peter Bray discusses his initial impressions of Lysander. > Play
  2. Clip 2

    In conversation with the Lovers: Peter (Lysander) and Carlyss (Helena). > Play
  • Lysander
    is bewitched to love…

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