Dear Agony Aunt

Dear Agony Aunt, My boyfriend and I were eloping to get married when suddenly he got a change of heart and said he no longer loved me but loved my best friend instead! I don’t know what she has done to bewitch him but I am really angry with her. What should I do? Hermia x


  1. If you feel in your heart to forgive then you shall, yet if differ you consider the pros and cons. The majority should convince you to follow the correct path......May luck and joy be with you. (by Sky)

  2. Maybe it isn't her fault. Men are sometimes very strange. I suggest you wait and see what time will bring. (by Anon.)

  3. There is a saying that says:
    If you love something set it free,
    If it comes back it's yours,
    If it doesn't, it never was.
    Don't worry, he comes back)
    (by Anon.)

  4. Dear Hermia there are many fish in the sea, as many fairies in the forest. I think you should forget about Lysander who seems a real idiot to leave you for someone else. (by Anon.)

  5. Just ask him why he changed his mind. Don't blame Helena its not her fault he loves her. (Anon.)

  6. Do not fight her or be angry. Men are fools and it is his fault for falling for her not hers. She might even be shocked herself at this change of heart. She is your friend and she cares for you. You care for her too yet this troublesome man has got between you. Forget him and be your own person. (By Sophie)

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‘Little’ again? Nothing but ‘low’ and ‘little’?


Relationship Status:

Loves Lysander


I am Hermia, a young Athenian woman who is in love with Lysander. My father is unhappy with this match though and wants me to marry Demetrius. Theseus tells me that unless I abide by my father’s will, and marry the favoured Demetrius, then I must live the life of a nun. Unhappy with this conclusion, I agree to elope with Lysander into the forest. I am in love with Lysander but still wish to remain chaste until I am wed to him. I later become confused at Lysander’s sudden change of heart in preference of Helena and I fight with her over his love. Fortunately, when morning comes, Lysander heart is restored back to me.



Freedom of choice



Helena and Lysander

Also Called:

  • ‘fair Hermia’ (Theseus. 1.1.67)
  • ‘sweet Hermia’ (Dem. 1.1.91)
  • ‘beauteous Hermia’ (Lys. 1.1.104)
  • ‘gentle Hermia’ (Lys. 1.1.161)

O wall, O sweet, O lovely wall

  1. (1.1.183-85) Your eyes are lode-stars, and your tongue’s sweet air / More tuneable than lark to Shepherd’s ear, / When wheat is green, when hawthorn buds appear.

  2. (3.2.260-61) Hang off, thou cat, thou burr! Vile thing, let loose, / Or I will shake thee from me like a serpent.

  3. (3.2.288) Fie, fie, you counterfeit! You puppet you!

  4. (3.2.327-29) Get you gone, you dwarf; / You minimus, of hindering knot-grass made; / You bead, you acorn.


  1. Clip 1

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